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JAMEELAH C. – Los Angeles, CA
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SinkJets – The Essential Faucet Accessory!

At the tip of every faucet is a device called an aerator that mixes the water with air to make the stream bubbly. SinkJets are a 60-second replacement aerator for your faucet but with an elegant, minimalist design that turns your faucet into a part-time pressure washer! SinkJets have an accelerator button that when pressed amplifies the water flow into a narrow, focused, super intense stream!   It’s made out of the highest quality lead-free brass with the toughest metallic PVD coating possible!  The same unconquerable coatings used by NASA.  SinkJets are the ultimate bathroom hack, allowing you to quickly blast out the muck and hard-to-reach decaying food particles in your toothbrush and hair buildup and gunk in your razor!  Up to 7x cleaner in seconds!  This saves you time, money, water and needless frustration!  It will also fit your non pull-down kitchen sink faucet so you can power wash those dirty dishes!  SinkJets are the ideal blend of stylish design, uber high quality components and affordability in a new product.

But wait! There’s more…

Yes!  That Clean!

Tasteful, minimalist design accents any faucet!

 One-Finger Adjustable!

Direct Water Flow To The Center Of The Sink!

With the adjustable versions of our SinkJet aerator you can easily direct the flow of the aerated stream slightly to the front or back of the sink.  This works well in situations where the water flow is too close to the back of the sink and there is not enough room to wash your hands.  It also works great for faucets that point the water too far forward where it then splashes out of the sink. Adjusting the aerator can be done anytime in seconds with just the touch of a finger!


Built-In Pressure Washer!

How It Works

Most modern day faucet aerators work by restricting your water flow and mixing air into the water stream.  This is fine for washing your hands but as you’ve seen, has never been even remotely strong enough to remove all the junk in your razor or toothbrush or the food stuck to your dishes!  SinkJets are different!  Pressing the accelerator button transforms the aerated water flow into a powerful filth blasting torrent!  SinkJets temporarily bypasses your flow restrictor giving it access to the full water pressure of your plumbing.  Then it further amplifies and channels the water through our patented jet stream valve to magnify and focus the water into a thin blade of high pressure water! In as little as one second your toothbrush or razor are clear of debris and your dishes clear of leftovers.  Genius!  SinkJets were designed to give a quick blast of water.  The accelerator button does not stay depressed by itself.  Taking your finger off the accelerator button changes the water flow back to normal.  If we reach our second stretch goal of 200K we will be adding a lock to the kitchen version which will allow the button to stay depressed. SinkJets are the most innovative faucet accessory ever invented!  SinkJets…  That Clean!

“I can already tell this is going to be one of those things where once I use it I won’t be able to go back. Ordered four, thanks!”
VANESSA G. – Houston, TX
“It’s about time someone comes up with a solution for this! Can’t wait to get them.”
“This thing is going to be awesome! Looking forward to it! Shared.”

Chrome or Brushed Nickel Finishes!

Chrome SinkJets Aerator
Brushed Nickel SinkJets Aerator

Both chrome and nickel finishes are applied to our lead-free brass parts using a process called physical vapor deposition or PVD.  This is the same technology used by NASA and the aerospace industry due to it’s superior strength and resistance to wear.  PVD finishing is also an environmentally conscious coating process that eliminates the usual hazardous toxic compounds and carcinogens such as hexavalent chromium found in traditional finishing applications.  The end result is the hardest, highest quality finish with the most amazing wear, durability and corrosion resistance available!

Your Faucets Need SinkJets!

Choose from Chrome or Brushed Nickel finishes with the flow rate of your choice!

Choose Your Flow Rate

On the bottom of the SinkJet aerator is a replaceable aerator cartridge that controls the flow rate of the regular aerated stream.  Every SinkJet aerator comes with your choice of one of these three flow rates.

  1. The super water efficient 0.5 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) NON-adjustable spray type aerator suitable for bathroom faucets.
  2.  The 1.2 GPM TILT-adjustable aerator suitable for bathroom faucets with one finger adjust.
  3.  The 1.75 GPM NON TILT-adjustable aerator suitable for kitchen faucets.

All aerators have a pressure compensation regulator diaphragm to automatically adjust to your faucet’s water pressure! Whether your plumbing has high pressure or low pressure the aerated stream will flow the same volume of water.

Please note that the flow rate of the jet stream when you press the accelerator button is the same on all models.  Keep in mind that the one-finger tilt-adjustment on the 1.2 GPH cartridge is 7-10° in all directions. It was designed for bathroom faucets.  It does not have a huge swivel range of motion.  It was not designed for that.  This allows us to maintain a very clean, minimalist, straight forward design without changing the overall appearance of your bathroom faucet.  The tilt-adjustment feature provides a shift in your water flow’s direction as seen in the video of between 1 to 3 inches at the base of the bathroom sink depending on your water pressure, height of your faucet and other factors. For your kitchen sink, if we meet our stretch goal of $100K, we are planning to add a double swivel so that you can maneuver the aerator 50°-60° in all directions!  Please help us to reach our stretch goals by sharing this page on social media.

SinkJet aerators have the latest certifications to meet CAL-Green requirements and are Water Sense certified by the EPA.

0.5 GPM SinkJets Faucet Spray Type Aerator

0.5 GPM Non-Adjustable Spray-Type Aerator (BATHROOM)

Tilt Adjustable Faucet Aerator: 0 - 10 Degrees

1.2 GPM Tilt-Adjustable Aerator (BATHROOM)

Non Adjustable 1.75GPM Aerator Cartridge for Kitchen Faucets

1.75 GPM Non Tilt-Adjustable Aerator (KITCHEN)

PCA - Pressure Compensting Regulator in every SinkJets aerator will adjust to your water pressure while maintaining a universal flow rate.

PCA – Pressure Compensation Regulator
Inside Every SinkJets Aerator

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Universal Fit!

SinkJets have both regular male and female threads to fit any faucet.

Universal Fit With Male & Female Threads
Order Yours Now!

Please note that SinkJets will not work on flexible pull down kitchen faucets.

Kitchen Faucet Fitting Guide

If your faucet has no aerator like in the image below then SinkJets will not fit.

Bathroom Faucet Fitting Guide


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Extra Cartridges For Your SinkJets

Are You A Tweaker?

Want to try different cartridges? This sample 3-pack will give you one 0.5 GPM NON-adjustable cartridge, one 1.2 GPM TILT-adjustable cartridge, one 1.75 GPM NON-adjustable cartridge and one wrench.

Variety Cartridge 3-Pack + Wrench

Sample 3-Pack


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