What are the thread sizes?2019-01-09T01:33:39+00:00

SinkJets has both regular male and female threads to fit any faucet. In the USA: 15/16 in. -27 in. x 55/64 in. -27 in. Other countries will ship with the most common thread size for that country.  If by chance you have a different uncommon thread on your faucet, please let us know in the notes during checkout so we can make sure we ship you the right one.

What finishes are available?2018-09-25T03:03:39+00:00

You can choose from chrome plated or brushed nickel finishes.  We may have more options in the future but this is what we offer at the moment being that these are the most common finishes.

What type of material are SinkJets made of?2018-09-25T03:04:29+00:00

SinkJets are made primarily of a lead-free brass.  There are also 2 small parts internally that are made of POM, which is a type of plastic used in faucet fixtures and plumbing parts among other things.  The o-rings are made of high quality silicone instead of rubber for long lasting durability.

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